Yes, it is possible to continue learning and making music, even in the era of COVID-19. 

Earlier this year, I had been forming violin groups for students, as you see in the rest of my blog. When BC went into stay-home mode in March, I developed a model for online teaching and moved my violin students to private lessons on Zoom. It works quite well! 

I have room in my schedule for a few new students, and I’d love to know what interests you. Here are some options:

  • Zoom violin lessons: I will pick up where your previous teacher left off, or teach you something new, like fiddle.
  • In-person lessons: I can teach at your home in the Dunbar area (if distancing allows).
  • Physically distanced Group lessons outside: We can meet in the park or your back yard — call me to discuss options. 

Subject matter may include:

  • Learning Celtic fiddle by ear
  • Learning to read music
  • Improving sight-reading ability
  • Learning vibrato
  • Learning how to accompany on piano, using chords

If you're browsing the rest of this blog, keep in mind that it was created pre-COVID, and some of the information will not apply to my current teaching practice.

I look forward to meeting you!


A Music Circle is a group of young musicians who rehearse 
weekly and perform around Vancouver
Music Circles consist of 3 to 8 young musicians, ages 8-18. Each ensemble consists of children that are of similar age and level. As the children learn and grow together, their group develops its own personality. The musicians are involved in choosing the music that they learn, and the venues where they perform
This is a unique program that is tailored to meet each child at their own personal level. When musicians need help in playing with the group, I compose personalized sheet music to accommodate the kids' varying abilities. I also use graphic equalizer software to make multi-layered ensemble recordings so the kids can hear how the music parts fit together
Music Circles ensembles can include violin, piano, cello, ukulele, flute. Children must have been taking private lessons on their instrument for at least a year. Depending on other children involved, it may not be necessary initially to read music, but we will likely be learning to note-read as a group. Music repertoire may include Classical, Fiddle, Celtic, Klezmer, Folk Music from countries around the World, pieces composed for and by the children.
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